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Welcome To My Website

Hi. This is the personal website of John Akwei, ECMp ERMp Data Scientist. My first website was published back in 2003. The address was then, I paid $80/year to host that website through its many iterations, from all-HTML with tables, to a new home page with CSS.

Finally, after taking a one year Data Science Specialization course, from Johns Hopkins University / Coursera, I had enough Github skills to publish an all new website,, for free as a service that is included in my public github account. Some persons might recognize the title banner, and some of the certificates, from my old website. Everything else is new.

I started in Website Design with Microsoft FrontPage in the late 1990s. My interactive computer multimedia experience goes back to Hypercard with an Apple Macintosh, in the late 1980s. By the time I got around to authoring this website, I had developed the ability to hand code a website with only Wordpad, a Web Browser, and a single folder holding all the website files. When you click on a file in the folder, and select "View in Browser", the Website is then locally hosted, allowing for a interactive design process.

I hope you enjoy looking around my personal website!